Name of beneficiary:
eChemicles Zrt.

Project title: Research and technological development of carbon dioxide electrolyser process to create a compact prototype

Amount of contracted support:
HUF 268,000,000 Aid rate (in %): 76,74 %

Project content:
Within the framework of the project, we will investigate and develop a modular electrochemical carbon dioxide conversion system that provides unprecedented efficiency in converting renewable electricity into chemical energy.
The electrolyser technology will produce green synthesis gas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, CO + H2), which can later be further converted into various high-value chemicals (e.g. e-wax) and high-energy density fuels (e.g. e-kerosene). We investigate the possibilities of reducing the amount of catalyst, the recycling of unreacted CO2 and discover optimal operating conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, current/voltage).

Planned completion date of the project:

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