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Investment opportunities

Improve, invest, have an impact! If you want to play a significant role to make the chemical industry more sustainable via our electrolyser solution, inquire about the different options of possible contribution:
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We take responsibilities way beyond our business interest!
We are keen to support global research activities on CO2 electrolysis, hence we have developed a simplified, easy to assemble electrolyser test-cell for the R&D community. Capable of high current density operations, our test-cell can be used to develop novel catalysts, gas diffusion layers and ion exchange membranes.
For more information on the purchase of this product, send your query:
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How do we collaborate with partners?
Industrial partnerships are a great way to validate our SolarCO2ValueTM technology to fulfill our customers’ requirements by generating the chemical product at the desired scale and efficiency. Input parameters, such as CO2 gas quality, electricity source, etc. needed to be considered to achieve optimal performance. Together, with joint effort our technology is installed to our partners’ waste CO2 source. This process includes both upstream and downstream integration.

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We are looking for the right people, not positions. If you are keen to be part of a solution for a better tomorrow, do not hesitate to send us your CV and motivation letter:
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