CO2 electrolyser test cell

With our CO2 electrolyser test cell, we are giving research groups the opportunity to have their very own cell without the need to design and build one yourself, so they can further this very important research area. With our cell, they will be able to test their own catalysts, membranes, or other components and compare your performance against our own standard.

The cell was developed by the Dr. Csaba Jan├íky group who is one of the pioneers in this areas and is the latest in cutting edge CO2 electrolyser cell design. Details about the cell and its performance can be found here:

What do you receive?

You will receive a fully functional electrolyser cell along with the performance results of that particular cell, made before shipment. You can then make your own measurements in-house. You are then free to disassemble the cell and reconstruct it with your own components and then test the cell against the performance of the original cell. You will receive a tool and full instructions on how to do this. It is so incredibly simple to do, that even our CEO could do it.
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You can assemble it with your own catalysts, gas diffusion layers, or membranes.


The cell is simple to dismantle and reassemble. The cell comes with an assembly.


We provide test results of the cell in with the shipment, which demonstrates the performance of the cell as assembled. The CO2 Test Cell in the Cell Holder

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